CARITA | Anti-ageing Skincare

Tailored expert solutions dedicated to individual skin concerns, Carita treatments truly deliver the ultimate results in correcting, lifting and firming. We are extremely proud to offer this luxury anti-ageing skincare brand along with the results-driven Cinetic™ Lift Expert machine. Discover a world of tailor-made treatments.

Carita’s artisans of beauty strive for excellence and their perfectly mastered beauty techniques are seamlessly integrated into a unique moment of pleasure and sensual delight. These skin care experts are at the heart of the development process for the protocols (textures, techniques, etc.) and products, in an ongoing drive for precision and performance.

The anti-ageing specialist based on cutting-edge, avant-garde technology, Carita demonstrates its difference and originality with its Global beauty concept – face, body and hair – its products and treatments. CARITA today represents unostentatious “glamour”, marked by refinement, sophistication and simplicity, which is subtly found just as much in the substance and texture of the products as in the tailor-made service offered in its salons. 


It was in the House of Beauty at 11 Faubourg St Honoré in Paris, under the creative inspiration of the Carita sisters, that Carita Haute Beauté was born. A prestigious address, an exclusive setting, where the expertise and know-how of the “artisans of beauty” have been enriched over the years, where the combined effect of high-performance products and treatments for body, face and hair reveals the unique Beauty of every woman.


Carita products rely on a unique method derived from the experience acquired by the Artisans of Beauty. This method is based on the simple idea that beauty is achieved in three appropriate, precise and regular steps:
Cleanse - Free the skin from all of its impurities. The essential step in preparing the skin.
Correct - Correct imbalanced skin at its source in order to restore its balance, vitality and radiance.
Protect - Cloak the skin to protect it from external attack and pollution, which leave it exhausted over time.


Immediate dramatic visible results, after just 1 CINETIC™ treatment. 




    Bespoke hands-on anti-ageing treatments for the face and body, combining a sublime exfoliation with sensorial massage techniques for intense relaxation and incredibly youthful radiant skin.

    Each treatment revolves around our iconic Rénovateur. Its Secret: A unique texture – a blend of sunflower seeds and essential oils to refine the skin’s texture, boosting its regeneration and providing incomparable radiance.

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    The alternative to cosmetic surgery.

    The world’s first ever combination of Micro-currents, Ultrasound and LED futuristic technologies, for dramatic visible results after just 1 treatment.

    Tailored expert solutions dedicated to individual skin concerns, CINETIC™ treatments truly deliver the ultimate results in correcting, lifting and firming.

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