• Date: 22nd March 2020

We have taken the difficult decision to temporarily close all Duchess Lounge salons with immediate effect.

At a time when the world is weeping, I have made the difficult decision to close the salons. Currently, we are facing unprecedented times and quite simply, the health of my team and clients is a priority, far greater than income. How long for? Who knows, perhaps 2 weeks, perhaps more. We just have to wait this out.

It's been an extremely difficult decision to make given the fact that just like the rest of the world, our team have bills to pay and children to feed. It's been a heartbreaking week as a small independent business owner. Having previously joked over the years about the fact this 'job title' isn't worth the stress I can most certainly now confirm this to be true. Being an employer comes with a very heavy burden to carry on one person's shoulders. This 'job title' means more than being 'The Boss'. It means the weight of your teams household bills, health, worries and much more are on your shoulders as an individual. I hear teenagers regularly reply when asked what they want to do when they're older with "I want to own a business". It's always baffled me because guess what, that's NOT a career. It's a label sure but it's not a career. I am a business owner and employer merely as a by-product of my passion and love for my industry within Beauty. It's with this passion that we were able to open our first Duchess Lounge salon nearly 6 years ago and it's this very passion that will help us push through this awful world crisis. Every decision I've ever made as an employer I can sincerely say is with my team front and centre as the priority and this continues today.

I'd like to personally thank my amazing team for the last few weeks and assure them that they have their biggest fan pushing forward on their behalf. I'd like to thank our phenomenal client base, who time and time again amaze me with their generosity and care shown to myself and team.

It's going to be a very scary few months ahead and we're only at the very start, BUT I believe with our loyal and valued clients help, that we as a team can pull through this and become stronger than ever before.

APPOINTMENTS Where possible if you can, instead of cancelling your upcoming appointment within the next few weeks, reschedule it instead to perhaps a few weeks or months down the line. This will help us greatly when we re-open. Even if the event you needed your beautifying for isn't going ahead, we'd be so grateful that you still supported us by keeping your appointment. Plus you'll leave the salon feeling better, we can most certainly guarantee that! We will personally be contacting you individually if you have an appointment in the next 2 weeks and thereafter it will be as and when we have further information regarding closure from government and health officials.

HOW CAN YOU SHOW YOUR SUPPORT? We have been working hard the last few days and put together a few ideas to help generate some lost income whilst we'll be closed. Nail home removal kits will be available to purchase for our clients who may need to safely remove their polish at home. The kit will be supplied with everything you need to safely remove your CND Shellac because no matter what's happening in the world, the health of your natural nail remains a priority for our nail clients.

We also have a HUGE Mystery Skincare Goody Bag sale to get involved with. For an optional and small monetary amount, you'll receive a skincare goody bag filled with Decléor & Carita products to the value of 3 times that of which you've paid! We're super excited to launch this extremely generous campaign later today so keep your eyes peeled!

BUY FROM US All our other retail options will still be available too, fancy a new nail polish or beauty product to make self-isolation a little easier...why not ask us first and let us supply you with it as opposed to large online retailers. Every drop of financial support from our community over the coming weeks will be greatly received. Any purchase made whilst the salon is closed will include FREE DELIVERY with no contact required.

So with all that said it's time to get to work on how we can continue to serve you whilst the doors are closed, while still upholding the Dedicated. Professional. Educated. service that you've become accustomed to as a DL client.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support, I know we can count on YOU!

Stay safe and hold your loved ones close.

Nicola & Team DL

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